Current Issue: Volume 21, Number 1, Winter/Spring 2015

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Jackie Smith, Jennifer Bair, Scott Byrd | Editors’ Introduction

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States and Social Movements in the Modern World-System

Guest Editor, Mangala Subramaniam

Mangala Subramaniam | Introduction: States and Social Movements in the Modern World-System

Paul Almeida | Abstract | Neoliberal Forms of Capital and The Rise of Social Movement Partyism in Central America

R. Scott Frey | Abstract | Breaking Ships in the World-System: An Analysis of Two Ship Breaking Capitals, Alang-Sosiya, India and Chittagong, Bangladesh

K. Kalpana | Abstract | Economic Entitlements via Entrepreneurial Conduct? Women and Financial Inclusion in Neo-liberal India

Pablo Lapegna | Abstract | Popular Demobilization, Agribusiness Mobilization, and the Agrarian Boom in Post-Neoliberal Argentina

Devparna Roy | Abstract | Contesting Corporate Transgenic Crops in a Semi Peripheral Context: The Case of the Anti-GM movement in India

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Kathleen C. Schwartzman | Abstract | Will China’s Development lead to Mexico’s Underdevelopment?

Fouad Makki | Abstract | Post-Colonial Africa and the World Economy: The Long Waves of Uneven Development

Review Symposium On Andre Gunder Frank’s Reorienting the 19th Century

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Albert Bergesen | World-System Theory after Andre Gunder Frank

Sing C. Chew | Bergesen’s Way Forward For World-System Theory After Gunder Frank

Hae-Yung Song | Reorienting the Critique of the Capitalist World System beyond the Dichotomy between Trade vs. Production Relations

Annamarie Oliverio & Pat Lauderdale | The World System According to Andre Gunder Frank: Hegemony and Domination

Robert A. Denemark & Barry K. Gills | Reorienting the World System

Christopher Chase-Dunn | Periodizing the Thought of Andre Gunder Frank: From Underdevelopment to the 19th Century Asian Age

BOOK REVIEWS (Download Reviews)

Architects of Austerity: International Finance and the Politics of Growth by Aaron Major, Reviewed by Simone Polillo

Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity by William I. Robinson, Reviewed by Mehmet Baki Deniz

Beads, Bodies, and Trash: Public Sex, Global Labor, and the Disposability of Mardi Gras by David Redmon, Reviewed by Tiantian Zheng

Gendered Commodity Chains: Seeing Women’s Work and Households in Global Production edited by Wilma Dunaway, Reviewed by Johanna Herrigel and Marion Werner

Alternative Trade: Legacies for the Future by Gavin Fridell, Reviewed by Elizabeth Bennett

Digital Labour and Karl Marx by Christian Fuchs, Reviewed by Brendan McQuade

Epistemologies of the South: Justice Against Epistemicide by Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Reviewed by Jose Bortoluci

Paramilitarism and the Assault on Democracy in Haiti by Jeb Sprague, Reviewed by Jean-Germain Gros

Women in War: The Micro-Processes of Mobilization in El Salvador by Jocelyn Viterna, Reviewed by Lorraine Bayard de Volo

Volume 20, Number 2, Summer/Fall 2014

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Antisystemic Movements, Yesterday and Today

Immanuel Wallerstein Keynote Address at the
38th Annual Conference on Political Economy of the World-System

In Memoriam: Janet L. Abu-Lughod’s Contributions
to World-Systems Research

Christopher Chase-Dunn
Barry Gills
Saskia Sassen
Immanuel Wallerstein

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Editors’ Introduction | Jackie Smith, Jennifer Bair, Scott Byrd

Chad L. Smith, Gregory Hooks, and Michael Lengefeld | Abstract | The War on Drugs in Colombia: The Environment, the Treadmill of Destruction and Risk-Transfer Militarism

Daniela Danna | Abstract | Population Dynamics in the Capitalist World-Economy

Primrose Nakazibwe and Wim Pelupessy | Abstract | Towards a Gendered Agro-Commodity Approach

Benjamin J. Marley and Samantha K. Fox | AbstractA World-Ecological Perspective on Socio-Ecological Transformation in the Appalachian Coal Industry

BOOK REVIEW SYMPOSIUM (Download Symposium)

Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital by Vivek Chibber


Ho-fung Hung | Introduction

George Steinmetz | On the Articulation of Marxist and Non-Marxist Theory in Colonial Historiography

Bruce Cumings | Back to Basics? The Recurrence of the Same in Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital

Michael Schwartz | Capitalist Development, Structural Constraint, and Human Agency in the Global South

William Sewell Jr. | On Vivek Chibber’s Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital

David Pedersen | Minding Appearances:  Labor of Representation in Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital

Vivek Chibber | Confronting Postcolonial Theory—A Response to Critics

BOOK REVIEWS (Download Reviews)

The Global Development Crisis by Ben Selwyn, reviewed by Kevan Harris

Born Out of Place: Migrant Mothers and the Politics of International Labor by Nicole Constable, Reviewed by Valerie Francisco

Seriously! Investigating Crashes and Crises as if Women Matteredby Cynthia Enloe, Reviewed by Shelley Feldman

Social Movements in Global Politics by David West, Reviewed by Zachary McKenney

The Structure of World History: From Modes of Production to Modes of Exchange by Kojin Karatani, Reviewed by Yamoi Pham