Volume 10, Issue 2, 2004

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Shimshon Bichler & Jonathan Nitzan | Abstract | Dominant Capital and the New Wars

Satoshi Ikeda | Abstract | Japan and the Changing Regime of Accumulation: A World-System Study of Japan’s Trajectory From Miracle to Debacle

Jonathan Leiner | Abstract | The Political Economy of Raw Materials Transport from Internal Periphery to Core in the Early 20th Century US: The Calumet & Hecla Copper Company’s Struggle for Market Access, 1922–39


Peter Gowan & The “Capitalist World-Empire”

Peter Gowan | Abstract | Contemporary Intra-Core Relations and World Systems Theory

John Gulick | Abstract | A Critical Appraisal of Peter Gowan’s “Contemporary Intra-Core Relations and World-Systems Theory”: A Capitalist World-Empire or U.S.-East Asian Geo-Economic Integration?

Terry Boswell | Abstract | American World Empire or Declining Hegemony

Giovanni Arrighi | Abstract | Spatial and Other “Fixes” of Historical Capitalism

BOOK REVIEWS (Download Reviews)

Postcolonial America by Richard C. King, ed., Reviewed by John Agnew

High Skills: Globalization,Competitiveness, and Skill Formation by P. Brown, A. Green, and H. Lander, Reviewed by Mamadi Matlhako

When Histories Collide: The Development and Impact of Individualistic Capitalism by Raymond D. Crotty, Reviewed Raymond D. Crotty

Protest in the Land of Plenty: A View of Democracy from the Streets of America as We Enter the 21st Century by Al Crespo ed., Reviewed by Thomas P. Roberts

Empire’s New Clothes: Unveiling EU Enlargement by József Böröcz and Melinda Kóvacs, Reviewed by Deniz Yükseker

European Banks and the American Challenge: Competition and Cooperation in International Banking under Bretton Woods by Stefano Battilosi and Youssef Cassis, Reviewed by Seán Ó Riain

The Selling of “Free Trade”: NAFTA, Washington, and the Subversion of American Democracy by John MacArthur, Reviewed by Dag MacLeod

The Critical Study of Work: Labor, Technology, and Global Production by Rick  Baldoz, Charles Koeber, and Philip Kraft eds., Reviewed by Leslie C. Gates